Clear Analytical Reporting

Our reports and dashboards allow unrivalled insight into how your online world  is behaving. We always use all our tools available to produce comparable reports whether you are measuring  revenue, engagement or something completely new- we like a challenge !

Proactive Analysis

We pride ourselves in giving answers (again the clue is the name!), we will grab data whether offline or online and model it so we can give you
the best possible  analysis for you to plan ahead.

Expert Analysis

After years and years of testing and providing solutions free from the constraints of pushing a particular supplier we can give our clients the best objective analysis around. If we do not give you clear insight into your concerns then we are not doing our job.

Our Simple goal

To take all the data out there, and through understanding and analysis provide information that is: Relevant, Easy to understand, Actionable and Beautiful. To do this we have to combine all the information out there with the most complex analytics tool created; the human brain.

See what our customers say:

Why we are different?

SiD is totally customer focused and confident enough with the technology to move it from centre stage and make it work for you, not the other way round. Our founding principle is in the name: taking statistics and making them something you can make decisions on, simple really!

See what our customers say:

Beautiful Statistics

Design and look are important, whenever required we make sure the statistics are presented beautifully. Infographics not for their own sakes, but for sake of better communication. Whether it be an expert analysis or marketing strategy dashboard we will create a bespoke result that works for you.

See our Example Dashboards

Example Dashboards