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SID has been an integral part of our companies success over the last 12 months. What they bring to the table is absolutely essential for any business in todays competitive and online driven environment. There ability to clearly track, break down and interpret the data has allowed us to jointly create a very targeted marketing plan. We would not be where we are today with out Statistics Into Decisions. A Big thanks!

Tracking of customer centric data is a vital ingredient to any company’s marketing plan today. SID have the experience to tap into this data and turn it into a successful marketing plan. Their methodical testing approach has lead directly to a very targeted marketing campaign with a clear and positive effect on ROI. Not sure where we would be without them?

Rhodri Lewis, Owner of Nordic Life


University of Bedfordshire

What has proved particularly useful for us is constant benchmarking on which campaigns have been driving the most traffic. This year, we’ve enlisted the help of SiD (Statistics into Decisions) to help us, and they’ve done a truly fantastic job of collating all of our data and turning it into something meaningful where we can see what is working for us, our prospective student’s overall journey, and exactly where, why and how an application to us took place.

Paul Fryer, Digital Marketing Manager, University of Bedfordshire.
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“We initially approached SiD because we were worried our website wasn’t working for us. They reviewed every aspect of our online presence, from the functionality and design of our site, to optimising our organic and paid search marketing in Google and Yahoo. They then transformed our homepage into a powerful sales tool responsible for almost 1/3 of our leads. Their advice has been invaluable and the success of our website has been a direct result of their considerable input and effort. We like to think of them as part of our team, and can’t recommend them highly enough to anyone else.”

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