introduction to iwmw 2012

A introduction from Dawn Ellis

Brian starting introduction, it is 170 people here this year


Marieke Guy – session “Big and Small data”

Marieke starting won. Big and small data


Most of us work in web team- one I management couple of researchers.

What is data? “Stuff” seems to be the best answer.

Going through definitions: Big data is the watch word – shows example of LHC. What is too big data- are institutions getting more data then they need and makes the example that data is growing expotentially- that is the theme of the start

Fact 1 in 9 people in the world are on Facebook – that is a lot othat’s –  so I always wonder why is Facebook  insights so crap?

Mentioned crowd sourcing – both human and machine source.


“openness is coming up constantly ” there are the themes: big data, openess of the data and what can you do with it?

Break up to talk about our data:

Our group:

Decision making is imports are universities asking the right question? And do they have the right answers. Are the people asking the right story

Hawksey makes the point that journalism guardian NYT playing around with open data-  and allowing people to make things up

Marieke says data will effect HE – by requests, REF etc…. But it can help you !


Good point is raised about – can you trust the data – can you trust google’s daTa?

I think it is important that whether you thinkthat the information in key or the human interpretation, my point is that it depends on who the end goal.

Are we asking the right question and that every university has it’s own problems- only you can understand your organisation .

We are talking about open data and problems of data: real sceptism of whether data is comparable, and whether we will compare like with like.

Open Data






iwmw12- First thoughts

On the train to Edinburgh from means this is the first IWMW I can commute to:


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